Best Small Business Credit Cards for Bad Credit

Best Small Business Credit Cards for Bad Credit

business Looking for the best small business cards for bad ? In this video you will discover the top three cards for business owners and where to apply for a company card. Whether you are looking to obtain a business card to rebuild or repair your company’s or you have bad personal and can’t qualify for an unsecured card consider a secured business card.

Although secured business have virtually been non-existent in the marketplace there are several banks that offer cards especially for the purpose of helping small business owners rebuild and/or repair their company’s credit.

Which small business credit cards are best for bad credit risks?

The three major card issuers that offer secured business credit cards are Wells Fargo, and Metro Credit Union. Each of these banks require a minimum $500 deposit and when it comes to Wells Fargo you do not need a business account to apply for a card.

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