Capital One and Chase Business Credit Card phone call

Capital One and Chase Business Credit Card phone call


Trying to apply for a card from One and .

Failed again, they need your Social Security, since they want a personal guarantee.

I will look into the Corporate with Capital One later on tomorrow and will see if I want to pursue this option.

Capital One took forever, I was on hold for like 15-20 minutes and then had to recall and also the IPhone X was making noises while i was speaker.

Chase was quick call last 20 min of the video.

I basically ran through what program I am with and did a brief summary on what I plan to do and showcase on You-tube for building a business credit and having a business profile.

Look at

Applying for DUNS number is free once you get your Business Profile (LLC, Corp, S-Corp Name and Profile setup with your State.)

1. Vendor Credit
2. Retailer Credit
3. Business Credit Cards
4. Business Bank Loans

Understand this has nothing to do with Forex and Crypto but since I run a LLC I will try and establish higher business profile and have a Business ( Score).
That way you are not messing with your personal credit and personal finances.