Credit Card Rewards 101 - How to Qualify for Business Cards [Video 4 of 7]

Credit Card Rewards 101 – How to Qualify for Business Cards [Video 4 of 7]


As a side hustler, you’ve practically doubled your options for card by being able to apply for .

You already know you should be keeping your business income and expenses separate from your personal accounts, and a business can help make that easier.

**What Qualifies as a Business?**

This probably doesn’t come as a shock, but to apply (and get approved) for a business credit card, you DO need a business.

Now if you’re side hustling, you’re probably already in business — even if it doesn’t feel like it.

If you ever do freelance work, sell stuff on Ebay, run a blog, or do tutoring, all of those could count as a business.

**Do I Need to Register My Business?**

By default, you’re already set up as a sole-proprietor. You don’t need to create an LLC or incorporate to apply for business credit cards.

Your business also doesn’t need to be profitable or even to have any revenue at all. Most startups have some expenses early on, and for better or worse, banks are often happy to lend you those startup costs.

(Of course, don’t spend you don’t have.)

If you are “pre-revenue”, that’s OK. Just fill out the application as accurately and truthfully as possible!

**Do I Need an EIN?**

An EIN, or Employer Identification Number, is also not required to apply for business credit cards.

(Though it’s free to get one at, and you may need one to open a business bank account.)

Most applications will ask for your social security number anyway.

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