How to build business credit with gas cards

How to build business credit with gas cards


is in a business name that’s linked to the business’s number. This is credit for your business, that’s not linked to you personally, or your personal SSN.

Using your business credit, you can get vendor credit cards, high-limit accounts with most major retailers, fleet credit, as well as cash credit for your business including Visa and MasterCard.

You can get approved for business credit accounts regardless of personal credit quality. When you build your business credit the right way, you won’t even supply your SSN on the application.

With no SSN supplied, there isn’t even a personal credit pull. For this reason, you can obtain high-limit business credit accounts regardless of your personal credit… no matter how bad it may be.

to the business credit reporting agencies, not the consumer reporting agencies.

As business credit is used it has no adverse impact on the owner’s consumer credit because it’s not reported to consumer agencies.

This means utilizing the account, even over 30%, won’t have any adverse impact on the personal credit scores and there are no inquires on the personal credit when you apply for business credit as long as you don’t supply your SSN.

How to Get HIGH Limit Business Credit Accounts

When you have access to more store and cash credit cards, you also have access to a lot more useable .

And, per SBA business credit limits are 10-100 times that of consumer limits so not only can you get business credit fast, you can also get credit with VERY high limits.

This is because businesses have a greater need for credit than a consumer does, this is referred to as credit capacity.

You may never need to get 10k in credit with for home computers, but you can easily need this much or more for a business.

Obtaining business credit radically increases your available credit. An average Staples card limit on the consumer side might be $3,000, but in the business world it might be closer to $30,000.

It’s actually VERY common to get credit cards with limits of 10k or more within 2-3 months from starting to apply for credit. This is impossible to accomplish with consumer credit.

Here are some actual approvals from customers’ months into business credit building:

Apple $12,500
Shell $15,000
Exxon $5,000
Sears $15,000
BP $8,000
Amazon $3,500