How to Convert Credit Cards Into Cash at 0% APR

How to Convert Credit Cards Into Cash at 0% APR

business How do you ? Discover the best way to turn credit cards into cash at 0% APR over and over again while avoiding high rates.

In this video we go into detail the power of the balance transfer strategy. This is ideal for individuals who can’t access cash via traditional methods like lines of credit or installment loans because they can’t prove income.

Converting credit cards into cash is a popular method used by real estate investors. The most important thing to remember is this strategy only works best when you have the right types of credit cards in the right combination.

Now keep in mind you can convert credit cards to cash with personal or business credit cards. Your basically doing a cash advance on one card and then transferring the balance onto another card that has a 0% balance transfer APR for 12 or more months.

This allows you to avoid the high interest rate on a cash advanced balance. Now keep in mind you may have to pay a 2-3% balance transfer fee but where can you get cash at 2-3% month after month, year after year?

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