Settle Credit Card Debts for Much Less

Settle Credit Card Debts for Much Less


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If you have one or more high-balance debts and need to “settle” your debt for less than you owe — a program could save a substantial amount of .

When credit card companies decide to sell off their “bad debt” to agencies, it is not unusual for credit card companies to sell the debt for as little as ten cents on the dollar. This is not to say that credit card companies will agree to “settle” credit card debt for as little as ten percent of the amount owed, but it stands to reason that credit card companies are often willing to accept a reasonable offer from consumers in distress who offer to pay what they can afford.

A free debt relief analysis can provide a savings estimate for credit card settlement. How much debt settlement could save depends largely on the amount of credit card debt involved, the ’s current financial situation — and the settlement
policies of individual creditors.