Spark Business Credit Card - Spark Cash

Spark Business Credit Card – Spark Cash


Spark ! The allows you to earn unlimited 2 % cash back on all your purchases.

With the Spark Cash Business Card you can earn $500 cash back when you spend $4,500 within the first 3 months of opening the card.

has about 4-5 . These spark requires you to have . These spark business credit cards are visa signature credit cards.

That means the minimum credit limit starts at $5,000.

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Get your FICO score from the of your choice with the link below

Get your , credit report, identity monitoring with the link below.

Become a Discover Cardmember and get a $50 Statement Credit with your 1st purchase within 3 months. I also get a $50 statement credit when your use the link below. (this helps out the channel)


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